Thursday, October 21, 2010

New Family Pictures

Here is our latest and greatest family pictures. My sister-in-law took them for us. She is wonderful. She even brought us cupcakes!!! That was our bribe to be good during the photo shoot! Grayden was sure that Cheeto the stuffed dog had to come, and I was sure that eddie the dog had to come too! We had lots of fun and got lots of good pictures.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Who Needs a swimming Pool

Really who needs to pay to go to a swimming pool when we have showers and buckets!!! Plus the liklihood of drowning in the shower is pretty slim!

Meet Eddie

So I have been convinced for a long time that Cassie is dying. She makes this noise ALL the time that I can only describe as Huffing. Sometimes, well lots of times, she huffs so hard that she makes herself throw up. It is very gross. Well I finally took her back to the vet and they "diagnosed" her with congestive heart failure. Well to make a long story short, the only thing they can tell for sure is her heart is enlarged and is pressing on her trachea which causes her to huff. As for her life span they really can't say any thing for sure. At any rate, I figured if she was dying it would be easier if we had another dog around so I started checking out the humane societies website. Well one day I came upon this and I had to have him. It was a bit of a struggle to convince Chris to let me keep him, but he lovingly gave in. I might of played the I can't have anymore babies card and this fills that void!!!:) But really he has been a great dog. And he adores me and that really can't be bad for one's confidence even if it is a dog!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Should I be Worried?

So I am wondering if I should be worried. These are some of the things I find my children doing when I am not around!!!!

Sunday, February 28, 2010


Last week we took a little trip to DisneyLand with Chris' family. We had so much fun. I am such a fan of amusement parks. The kids had so much fun with all their cousins. We even took Chris' Aunt Grace for her first trip to Disneyland. She only had to wait 88 years! Jordyn was not afraid to go on anything. She went on every single ride with great enthusiasm. Carter went on all the rides except the rollar coaster in California adventure. He was not such a fan of the tower of terror, but he did survive it and has a shirt to prove it. Grayden was in heaven. He loved everything. He was always happy to have his picture taken with the characters and he loved all the rides. He did have a hard time warming up the the bear from brother bear.

Anyone who knows Grayden well knows he is a little afraid/obsessed with bears. I was a little worried about going on this trip as it was so soon after my surgery. I was afraid I would not be up to it, but I actually felt really good. I was more tired than I normally am, but that was it. I am amazed at how fast the recovery process has been.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

So today is the 11th anniversary of Chris' lovely skiing accident. 11 years ago today Chris decided to go skiing with some friends. I might add just to be fair that he went in an effort to forget about the fact that I might have dumped him the night before after he sent a dozen roses to my work for Valentine's day. It really was a very nice gesture. He sent them as a "happy friday before valentine's day" present because he knew that I was not a big fan of the actual holiday. Who knows why that scared me a little. I cannot begin to understand what was going through my very silly head those many years ago. So to make a long story short, his friends talked him into skiing with them and to this day I am not sure that I understand how it happened, but it had something to do with a broken backpack, no ski poles, and a tree and that led to a beautiful helicopter tour off the mountain. Unfortunately for Chris he missed the tour because he was laying face down on a stretcher. Needless to say my Valentines roses arrived yesterday as a "happy dump day" gift. And they say women never forget!

Friday, February 12, 2010


I survived my surgery! I am feeling so much better now. I almost feel normal, just a little low energy! I was a little worried about my survival when Carter asked me at least 5 times the night before my surgery if I was going to die! I assured him he would not be rid of me that easy, but my confidence waned a bit when I called Chris to tell him the surgery had changed from the minor outpatient surgery to in patient surgery. He was a little upset, because he was not able to get work off to be with me so when it was more complicated he asked me how I expected to have major surgery with him in Ogden. He said and I quote, "What happens if you die, I will be two hours away!" After we worked through that one he called me back to make sure I had sent in the life insurance checks that were due this month! Thankfully everything went well. Chris even made it to the hospital before I came out of surgery. His wonderful work rescheduled all of his patients for two days so he could be with me. It was great to wake up to his lovely face and know he would not be collecting his million dollars!!!!! I am just happy that I won't be having to do that again. I am running out of parts that can be removed! I should have had my appendix out while I was under!!!:) But seriously, I have had so much help from family and friends. I am so lucky to have such wonderful people in my life!!! It amazes me that is is possible to have surgery and be feeling well so quickly. It has only been a week and a half. We are going to Disney Land next week so hopefully I will still be feeling as good when we get back!